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Git pull

Don’t be alarmed. I wanted to title this post as ‘Update’ but that sounded too dull.

Updates on the compact interlanguage links beta feature project:

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And how it all ended

Hello there.Apologies for a delayed blogpost. I had a lot on my hands.

We’ve come to the final phase of the internship. There’s been lots and lots to learn and I’m taking back a lot more than what I could possibly give. I’ve faith in my abilities and...

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The curse of a rebase

I had heard the term “rebase” before. Only, it was always accompanied by shudders and sideways glances and stuttering broken words. I had seen well established developers shirk responsibility at the prospect of a rebase. I had also heard...

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A happy coding week

Hello there! It’s been one of those weeks when I woke up at 6 am and turned on my laptop because an idea struck me. And stayed up later than 12 am on most days because I wanted to do as much as possible, as soon as possible. The project is...

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Code Hygiene!

Honestly, I had no idea such a term even existed. Until, of course, I met the committee reviewing my Gerrit patch.

In fact, I found a veryinteresting readwhen I googled the term.

When you work in an organization, you need to change your methods of...

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